The IPM workshop is divided in lectures and practical work. The aim of the short course is to show the participants how integrated pest management (IPM) is working, the most important aspects (monitoring, prevention, treatment, insect biology) and give some guide lines how it is applied. The information can help the institution to evaluate or modify their IPM program (if they have one, otherwise it is a good start). Participants from art, natural history, ethnology museums, archives or libraries can all participate as the general procedures for the IPM program are the same. After the course the participants should be able to start a monitoring program in their home institution, be able to identify the most important insect pests, know preventive measures like cleaning, sealing the building, temperature regulation, quarantine and select between the chemical free treatment methods like nitrogen, freezing, humidity regulated heating, microwave or biological control with parasitic wasps. Traditional treatment methods with biocides are also discussed. 

One will be held in English and one in German.

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