This symposium focuses on heritage science, an interdisciplinary field that contributes to the identification, understanding, conservation and transmission of cultural heritage, whether tangible, intangible, natural or digital. Today, this field brings together the humanities and the social, experimental, digital, and engineering sciences.

During two days, the symposium will highlight heritage science, in all its diversity, in France and in Europe, consider its central role in responding to the major contemporary challenges - whether social, cultural, economic, political or environmental - as well as its articulation with various initiatives carried out by the European institutions.

The event will be structured around four themes:

  • A reflexive heritage for a resilient society: heritage is a dynamic concept in a constantly changing world. This theme discusses its creation, interpretation, valorisation and its role for our societies.
  • Sustainable management of cultural heritage: which will deal with the tools, methods and technologies that foster knowledge and transmission to the future generations.
  • Cultural heritage in a changing context: which will address the challenges posed by the rapidly changing demographic, social, environmental, economic, political and cultural context.
  • Cultural heritage climate and environment change: which will focus on the impacts and the adaptation of heritage to climate change, as well as its capacity to be a resource for a more sustainable society.

The physical event is full. It is still possible to participate remotely.

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